Freedom For Our Future

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Freedom For Our Future - Part 5

In this message Pastor Jim concludes the series with a message that you can't miss!

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Freedom For Our Future - Part 4

In this message Pastor Deborah shows us how powerful the widows mite was and how we can have an impact too!

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Freedom For Our Future - Part 3

In this message Pastor Jim shows us how our desicions now effect not our future but the generations to come.

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Freedom For Our Future - Part 2

In this message Pastor Jim shows us how ultimately we call the shots when it comes to our finances. Don't miss this message!

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Freedom For Our Future - Part 1

In this message Pastor Jim talks about the development of the heart. It was a great way to kick-off the series!

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Andrew and Crystal's Story

Andrew and Crystal found a home for their family and God's faithfulness to their commitment.

Keith and Missy's Story

Keith and Missy share God's faithfulness in their life and commitment to give.

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth shares her story of trusting God in her financial situation see God honor her obedience.

Vanessa's Testimony

Vannessa shares about her missions trip to Africa how what God showed her.

Chanel's Story

Chanel shares her story of trusting God and stepping out in obedience to His voice.

Neelam's Testimony

Neelam shares her story of how the favor of God opened doors to bless her life and the campaign!

“God was just waiting for me to step out and believe Him 100%”
— Chanel
Angela and Angeline's Testimony

They share their testimony of prayer, salvation, engagement and raising money all through a yard sale!

John and Monica's Testimony

John and Monica share their story of how God's faithfulness and their willingness to get involved opened miraculous doors!

Cindyl's Testimony

Cindyl shares her story of how God honored the little she had been faithful with to provide more!

Angeline and Lexi's Story

Angeline and Lexi share their story of stepping out in faith to their neighborhood and seeing God open doors!

Jackie and Stephanie's Story

Jackie and Stephanie share their story of facing a family loss and how God worked on their behalf!

David and Diana's Story

David and Diana share their story of trusting God with their finances and seeing His faithfulness!

“Whatever you have in your hand, open it, and give it to God!”
— Gail
Gail's Story

Gail shares her story of walking in the principles of giving and generosity and watching God make a way.

Henry and Lisette's Story

Henry and Lisette share their story of God completely transforming every area of their life!

“As long as you give Him your heart and all of you, things will change!”
— Henry
The Victoria Family

The Victoria family share their story of God's faithfulness and favor in their in establishing the family.

Ruben and Laura's Story

Ruben and Laura share their story of hitting rock bottom, turning to God, and the change He made in them.

“There’s only one explanation, God!”
— Ruben
Richard and Rebekah's Story

Richard and Rebekah share their story of trusting God with their finances and seeing His faithfullness in return.

Eden and Maricel's Story

Eden and Maricel share their amazing story of seeing God turn their situation completely around for the good!

“It’s not a burden, it’s an honor to be part of this house...”
— Eden
Vanessa's Story

Vanessa shares her story of seeing God's faithfulness in the life of her family!

“It’s not just about giving money, but helping others...”
— Vanessa
Owen & Janice's Story

Owen and Janice began to simply collect cans and were amazed to see the results!

Michelle's Story

Michelle shares how despite her past God provided for her and salvation in her family!

Harriet Parker

Harriet shares her experience of prayer and excitement to get involved in the campaign.

Harold and Alice

Harold and Alice share about making sacrafices to give and seeing God's blessings!

“FFOF has freed us up to give more and be a blessing...”
— Alice
The Rodriguez Family

The Rodriguez family share how God's faithfullness in their lives has been unfailing!

Quick Testimonies

We talk with a few members after service and hear about their experience with FFOF so far!

Martha's Story

Martha shares her story of physical healing and financial provision by God to fullfil her FFOF pledge!

Daniel and Helen's Story

Daniel and Helen took a step of faith to make a pledge that was beyond there ability and pay their debt off!

The Beebe's Story

The Beebe's saw God move in their life in a time of need. He not only provided, but went above and beyond!

“What started out as an idea turned out to be a miracle...”
— Michelle
Cecillo's Story

Cecillo share's his story of how God turned his life around. Cecillo began to volunteer and get involved and is now seeing God bless his life.

The Balderas Family Story

The whole Balderas family got involved and saw God's faithfulness by using the gifts and talents that God has given them.

Shawn and Julie's Story

Shawn and Julie share their story of how God restored marriage, learned to tithe and have seen a miracle in the birth of their twins.

John Allmond's Story

John shares his journey of being diagnosed with cancer, being out of work, contue to tithe anyways, and seeing God be faithfull.

“When ever you trust in Him, He will do great things...”
— Fernando
Fernando and Griselda's Story

Fernando and Griselda share their experience of stepping out in faith beyond what they could do and seeing God's faithfullness follow them.

Michael and Pam's Story

Michael and Pam share their story of the different seasons of life and how exciting it is to be part of what God is doing at The Rock.

Marie's Story

Marie shares her families story, God's faithfulness in their lives, and how it has completely changed their mentality.

Raymond's Story

Raymond shares his incredible testimony of how he came to God, quick drinking and using drugs, and had his life completely changed.

Larry and Louise's Story

Larry and Louise share their experience of coming back to Christ, starting a successful business, and trusting what God says!

Fred and Robin's Story

Fred and Robin share their experiences from our first campaign to build our church and how impactful it was to them.

Shelly's Story

Shelly shares her families story of how they went from being homeless to God restoring and blessing their lives as they stepped out in faith.

“As we gave; God restored...”
— Shelly
Brian's Class Story

Chris shares Brian's story of getting involved with a heart to give and how that step of faith birthed our special needs programs!

Chris and Pamela's Testimony

They share their story of how God turned their situation completely around when they placed their trust and faith in God.

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